Friday, 6 November 2015

Impossible Time Loops

Today something really exciting happened, followed by something truly mind boggling!

Firstly, the book I was editing from last Autumn up until this May, Volodya: Selected Works by Vladimir Mayakovsky, is finally back from the printers, so I got to see it in its finished glory.

It looks really beautiful, and of course I was super keen to start looking through it, but when I got to the acknowledgements page I saw something completely inexplicable – more than inexplicable, it is impossible.

Before I carry on – as you may know, in September I ran an advert in as many places as I could think of, asking for people with any expertise in time travel or particle accelerator reconfiguration to get in touch with me. I was instructed to place this advert while I was in Russia this August – instructed, I should say, by myself – in a letter addressed to me but dated July 1929, which was found in the archives of the Mayakovsky museum in Moscow.

Between the 17th September and now (6th November) I have recieved ten replies, a couple of which are secondary replies from the same people. Here are all the responses I got in the order I received them:

A pretty interesting range, as I'm sure you'll agree! The most promising of them to my mind were the two from Year Solver and Rab. I've emailed both of them back and am waiting on more info...


I opened my book in great excitement, and looked through opening pages till I reached the acknowledgements page. There were all the acknowledgements I had written, and then – at the bottom of all of those – was this:

I DID NOT WRITE THIS!! And furthermore it is impossible for any mention of Year Solver to be in the acknowledgements at all, because I only received the email from her/him on October 16th – one week after my book went to print!!!

Also impossible is that my acknowledgement reads:

Finally, I must express my infinite gratitude to Year Solver, without whose frank and unquestioning technical expertise I would never have made it back to the future in time to finish this book.

And yet... I haven't travelled in time yet, so I have had no need to get back to the future! According to the letter from 1929 I won't time travel until 2017, and (clearly) I successfully finished my book earlier this year, so I didn't need to "get back" in time to finish that! The publishers must know when that detail was added, and by whom, but I am a little worried about them thinking I'm completely mental if I ask them about something which has, ostensibly, been written by me. I have gone through all of my emails over the last few months and can find nothing which directs them to mention Year Solver in my acknowledgements.

Could this mean that by successfully reading in 2015 the letter I wrote to myself in 2017/1929 I have somehow changed the way the future/past will play out? I simply cannot keep up with these potential permutations of the space-time continuum... but somehow I think that over the next couple of years I will find out!

My book is being launched in Brighton on the 19th Nov:

and in London on the 26th Nov:

Come along and celebrate – see this absurd thing for yourselves and tell me what you think!


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    1. Excuse me Mrs.Rosy Carrick but I am someone who is also interested in time travel you can talk to John Titor an actual time traveler about Particle accelerator reconfiguration.