Thursday, 17 September 2015

Time Traveller with expertise in Particle Accelerator Reconfiguration URGENTLY REQUIRED!

In the letter I received from my future stuck-in-the-past self in Russia I was told to get help "as soon as I got back home". Well – I've been back a couple of weeks now, so it's not exactly immediate, but then I guess that the Rosy who wrote that letter is probably long dead by now (or very old and still living in Russia perhaps!), so she won't know that actually I've been home for over two weeks already.

BUT – I'm getting on the case!

I have posted ads in various online forums, asking for the help, as instructed in the letter. This is the ad I have posted around; if you know anyone with this kind of experience and/or information, or you can think of other places I might be able to spread the word, please let me know!

Time Traveller with expertise in Particle Accelerator Reconfiguration URGENTLY REQUIRED!

I urgently need the help of a time traveller (or simply a scientist – personal experience of time travel may not be absolutely necessary) with expertise in particle accelerator reconfiguration – specifically someone who knows about converting fixed-point time travel transporters into mobile devices.

I am a 33 year-old woman and live in England. Last month in a museum in Russia I was given an old letter addressed to me, which appears to be written by myself – but which was written in 1928. The contents of the letter (which is attached as two images) instructed me to find an expert in this field as soon as possible. Some of the writing is not very clear so I have worked it out as best I can and typed it out (see below). I started to develop a time machine earlier this year, which  it seems will at some point in the future be successfully completed, but so far I am in the early stages and do not have the relevant knowledge to solve this problem.

Are you able to help?

Rosy Carrick


Dear Rosy,

If all has gone to plan you will receive this letter at the Mayakovsky museum in the Summer of 2015.

I urgently need your help.  In 2017 I successfully made my first journey through time but arrived in Russia not in 2030 as planned but in 1927, after I was diverted off-course by a rogue meteor storm on the far side of the Andromeda galaxy (or it could have been a loose bolt, I’m still not sure). The resultant force of arrival caused the wormhole exit to shift altogether ­– it is now completely lost to me.

Today’s date is July 19th 1928, V’s 35th birthday. I have been here already for nearly a year, and there is no way to get back.  I know that at this time you know very little – that is okay. You don’t need to know the answers yet. But you need to do your utmost to help me! If you go on to make this journey without taking the proper precautions then the same thing will happen a second time and we risk forming a time loop from which our liberation may prove difficult.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! – As soon as you get home, you must begin to search for experts in Particle Accelerator reconfiguration. I adapted the static generator given to me on the CERN trip but I should not have been so impatient to use it – by turning a f–[the paper has worn away here – “fixed”?] point transporter into a mobile device I failed to take into account the correlatory electromagnetic readjustments necessary for adequate circular-linear acceleration on my return (specifically the exact quantities of additional magnets required and their necessary locations. Find an expert by any means – and remember to make clear that potential singularities are not the issue – the tunnel here was perfectly stable; the problem is with forming a new path from my current location! All you have to do is make sure you have these additional components in place when you make your trip – that is all. Then, when you go back… well – to be honest, that part is unknown to me, but theoretically this current timeline will be replaced by your new one, in which you are – I am­ ­– able to leave here at any time.

I have written and rewritten this letter so many times. By now you have been to Moscow on four previous occasions, I know, but this trip is your first since work on the time machine began in earnest, which makes it the earliest feasible date for you to receive the message and fully understand its seriousness. I couldn’t take the risk of you reading it before you were ready to – to do so could have had serious repercussions for all both of us.

It is difficult to know how much to say so I am saying as little as possible and I’m sorry for that – I know you must have a lot of questions. Volodya smells lovely all the time. It’s funny to see him working on things I have already read. People think my hair is insane – I did one of my inadvertent purple rinses the day I left and V calls it my phosphorescent halo! Of course it’s mostly grown out now. Not telling him the future is inevitably more difficult than not telling you the past… Later this year he will meet Yelena in Nice, for the first and only time. He doesn’t know it will happen of course, and I haven’t said anything about it, but I have said that “whenever he comes to meet her” he should tell her all about me and show her my photo. She’ll be too little to remember but I like the idea. I miss the Olive like billy-o. When you get back to England, give her a cuddle like she wouldn’t believe, from me.

Okay – I pray (to the Gods of 80s beefcake, who I also miss a great deal!) that this gets to you. You are a bad-ass cut-throat bitch, keep doing what you’re doing! And – at the risk of interfering with your future in a way I definitely should not: Aug  19th/20th 2016 – NO! NO! NO! Trust me!

With all the LOVE!

Rosy xxx

– p.s. If you cannot find the parts you need, DO NOT use the time machine!


  1. Rosy dearest, I do wish I had the scientific knowledge you need so I could help!!
    I love your time travel adventures, keep the posts coming xxx

  2. Hello Rosy please respond if there is someone that knows anything about time machine parts It's John Titor look for him and talk to him on facebook

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